NEW VIDEO !!  - FOUNDATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM has created a narrated power point presentation that identifies 9 IMPORTANT KEYS to greatly reduce the risk of foundation problems.  The video is approximaltey 25 minutes long, and is available as a CD for purchase.  

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Learn how to identify causes of foundation problems



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THE MANUAL -  Home Owners Guide to Foundations in North Texas  is an easy to understand "users manual" for homeowners and future homeowners.  The manual walks the reader quickly through basic foundation theory and gives BASIC SOUND ADVICE for how to prevent and diagnose foundation problems.  THE MANUAL is 93 pages, with 72 of the pages being easy to understand diagrams and photos.  

This manual outlines A COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO FOUNDATION REPAIRS so that a homeowner can make effective decisions regarding the care of their homes foundation system. 

THE MANUAL includes and easy to follow checklist to help identify potential threats to your foundation, and then you can stop the cause BEFORE you have problems.


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The Manual

The Manual gives a comprehensive list of factors you can control to prevent foundation problems.  EARLY DETECTION AND ACTIONS SAVE MONEY $$.